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The whole team at Columa Water Limited firmly believe that the provision of timely, economic and effective support to its customers provides the foundation for lasting relationships. The name of the company providing the plant or the service is secondary compared to the people involved.

It all starts with a phone call. From the initial contact, we will endeavour to fully understand, not just the equipment you have already, or the difficulties you may be experiencing, or even the nature of the equipment you may be looking for, but we will also take the time to develop a depth of understanding relating to your business and the application for which the water treatment plant is used.

Unlike many companies in this sector, Columa Water Limited is a service, customer-centric company that also sells plant. If you need new equipment, we provide industry standard, state-of-the-art products and systems including water softeners, deionisers, filters, reverse osmosis and UV systems with flowrates ranging from 50 litres per hour up to 50,000 litres per hour and higher. Our highly skilled team have decades of experience that allows them to work confidently on plant regardless of the original manufacturer. Replacements for all leading components are readily available through our network of global suppliers at very attractive prices.


We fully recognise that our business is wholly reliant on our customers business but our customers are not wholly reliant on ours.

With our network of strategically positioned specialists, we are able to provide effective and rapid support throughout the UK and beyond.

Support contracts are built around your requirements. Standard contracts are of course available and provide the basis for tailored support contracts where a more flexible approach is preferred. We work alongside your existing engineering team in order to strengthen the in-house capability and the scale of our involvement depends entirely on the level of in-house support already present.

Our highly skilled, time-served support engineers are strategically based around the UK and provide expertise with enthusiasm and a genuine interest in customer service.