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The use of purified water in medical, commercial and industrial processes is extensive, diverse and often surprising. The team at Columa Water Limited has gained considerable experience in a wide range of markets with particular focus on the following:



The automotive industry relies on purified water to ensure that component surfaces are clean prior to surface treatment.

In the past, corrosion of vehicle body parts often started because of residual contamination underneath fully intact paint finishes leading to blistering and premature failure. Similarly, if vehicle components are not meticulously cleaned prior to assembly or chemical treatment, they can lead to early failure and costly replacement.

As well as needing to ensure that the body and component surfaces are clean, the paint and plating chemicals also need to be formulated using pure water to ensure a consistent product that meets the standards required.



Processes in biotechnology, whether in research or production, are some of the most sensitive in the modern world with standards becoming higher every year.

Highly delicate compounds and organisms rely on stable and pure environments in order to produce the required results. Purified water is often the base ingredient in these compounds and growth environments.

Using stage technologies and specialist materials, water purification systems provide water that meets the most exacting specifications with the confidence demanded by the industry.



Ensuring that formulations remain constant and stable is essential.

At the root of this fundamental requirement is the need to have confidence in the water supply that so often provides the bulk of finished liquid products. Minor changes in the make-up of the water can lead to unintended reactions which can cause irreversible changes to products during production or whilst in storage.

Careful choice of ion-selective resins and other treatment technologies along with controlled operating procedures helps to protect product integrity throughout the manufacturing process. 



As with chemical, food and drink products, appearance and consistency are vital attributes of cosmetics.

With often vibrant colours and texture being part of a product’s characteristics, these requirements are added to the uniform need for consistency in formulation. Water quality
therefore, is central to all production control measures.

Great attention is applied to all stages of purification, and filtration selection is particularly highlighted to ensure that high specification clarification filters are incorporated.



Untreated water will contain conductive particles that can render electronic components unusable.

Whether using water to produce component material or simply for the washing of assemblies, the purity of the water must be absolute.

Ultra-pure water is required with highly sophisticated treatment techniques and control
systems being used to meet this industry’s exacting demands. Not only is the production of purified water carefully controlled, but the distribution systems are also constructed
from specialist materials to avoid post-treatment contamination.

food and drink


We all expect the food we eat and the drinks we consume to have the taste we
remember the last time we consumed them.

The ingredients used in their manufacture will include water. This may be part of the manufacturing process associated with the separate ingredients or as the medium used to control the finished product. It will also be used to wash down equipment at the end of each production run.

Consumer safety is top on the agenda of all companies manufacturing products for human consumption with special certified resins, membranes and materials being incorporated into system designs.

glass processing


It seems obvious that glass production will involve the washing of finished glass panels. However, it is vital that when the wash-water dries, no staining of the glass surfaces is visible.

This is not just to provide a pleasing finish. Sealed units rely on this to prevent reject product as once the units are assembled, it is impossible to clean the inner surfaces.

Whilst potentially less complex than the ultra-pure systems associated with the electronics industry, the priority attached to the removal of dissolved solids is just as important.



Purity is the watchword when it comes to healthcare. Whether in a hospital, a laboratory or one of the hundreds of healthcare support industries, maintaining purity and eliminating bacteriological content is everyone’s concern.

Procedures, products & protocol protect patients. This memorable piece of alliteration reminds us of how important it is to ensure that every part of any water treatment system associated with healthcare is carefully designed and maintained to the highest standards. Somebody’s life may well depend on it.

metal finishing


Metal finishing uses vast amounts of water for the production of plating chemicals and for component rinse processes. In addition, the recovery of precious metals from these processes has become ecologically and economically more important in recent years.

Metal finishing companies must ensure that expenditure on plant provides the required
ROI and satisfies the criteria set by the agencies monitoring waste stream discharges.

Using ion-selective resins, controlled recirculation systems and specialist instrumentation helps to ensure that all these objectives are met and maintained.



Water is involved in most stages of pharmaceutical production with enormous volumes of water being centrally produced and then distributed to various parts of the facility.

Often, secondary treatment technologies are introduced in critical locations in order to allow treatment to match specific processes without having to install larger than necessary, high-purity primary plant.

High specification resins, membranes, UV and filter media along with certified materials for vessels, distribution systems and controls work together to produce exceptionally pure water at the points of use.

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