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Maintaining water treatment plant is vital for reliable operation and this includes replacing the consumables associated with the system in accordance with the design specifications.

A consumable can be defined as a component that is designed to be used or replaced at regular and measurable intervals.

The most common of these in water treatment systems are regeneration chemicals (salt for softeners, acid & caustic for deionisers), membrane/resin cleaning chemicals, filter cartridges and even ion-exchange resins, media and reverse osmosis membranes.

The frequency of replacement varies considerably from system to system and the nature of the consumable itself. Regeneration chemicals and filter cartridges will need replacing regularly whereas ion-exchange resins, media and reverse osmosis membranes should last a number of years before needing to be replaced. Extending the design specifications associated with consumable replacement can cause premature failure of vital system components.

Maintaining adequate system records with daily logging of key data is the best way to ensure that consumable items are replaced at the correct times and that performance restoring chemical cleaning operations on membranes and resins are carried out at the optimum times.

Columa Water Limited is able to assist you with a basic template for keeping records and can provide comprehensive training to on-site staff. Please contact us for more details.

As with spares, Columa Water Limited has established trading accounts with a number of suppliers of chemicals, filter cartridges, ion-exchange resins, media and reverse osmosis membranes and we’d be delighted to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Our highly skilled, time-served support engineers are strategically based around the UK and provide expertise with enthusiasm and a genuine interest in customer service.